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A Tired Rant About "Female" Writers


I have seen this list of 21 women authors you “should be reading,” passed around. I have thoughts about the composition of the list, though I am thrilled to see Elliott Holt named because I loved her debut novel last year.

No two lists will ever be the same and this list at least makes an…

"It is exhausting that we are still trying to convince a certain segment of the population that women are equal to men, that women deserve respect and fair consideration in all professional and creative and personal realms. It is especially frustrating in the literary community, because I am part of this community. These are my people, or at least, that’s what I would hope."

Yes. This.

So there they were—the irrefutable facts from which the rest of the inquiry would have to proceed: I exist. And I know nothing.

—Barbara Ehrenreich, LIVING WITH A WILD GOD

He wondered if she liked to read, as well as play music. He had books he could lend her. Perhaps they would swap books. Perhaps reading would become an evening together, and between pages of a novel she would undress, and kiss him.

Nick Harkaway, TIGERMAN (Knopf, July 29)

My kind of seduction…

Science is not a body of facts. Science is a state of mind. It is a way of viewing the world, of facing reality square on but taking nothing on its face.

—Natalie Angier, THE CANON

He was ambitious and doubtful: he wanted to be famous, and he wanted no one to look at him, ever, which is probably the human condition…

Elizabeth McCracken, THUNDERSTRUCK

These stories, y’all. Incredible.

Rather than trying to show independent authors the error of their ways, publishers should be looking for ways to invite them in. Small things could help make the system more transparent for all parties.

The Empire Strikes Back

Speaking logic to Big Publishing

Even if you believe that gay people are going to Hell, that they have chosen evil, or are somehow trying to subvert society by seeking to commit to one another for life, it does not follow that you should ostracize them. The entire message of the Gospels is about embracing those minorities despised by popular opinion. Jesus made a point to associate with the worst sinners – collaborating tax-collectors, prostitutes or lepers whose disease was often perceived as a sign of moral failing. The idea that Christianity approves of segregating any group is anathema to what Jesus actually preached and the way he actually lived.

What The Hell Just Happened In Kansas? « The Dish

Fucking A, Kansas. We are better than this. And thanks, GOP, for making your utter ignorance so painfully clear.

At ten o’clock every night the screens go dim: Outlook and Salon and iMessage and Twitter can all wait for the morning. They leave their workspaces, turn off the television, and meet in the living room. He puts on a record, sometimes she pours two glasses of wine. They curl up to read. Separately, but together. Recharging from the day in their own fictional universes, but sharing space. Closeness. They’ll meet back up in an hour.

13 Moments: A Marriage by the Books

A lovely, open piece by a Book Riot colleague. We measure our lives in moments.