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It’s a sacred time for me, Fall Back Weekend. And it’s about more than getting an extra hour of sleep. It’s about what that extra rest stands for, and it’s a reminder of the value of unplugging in order to recharge. 

At 5pm tomorrow, I’ll turn off my phone and close my laptop, and I won’t look at them again until Monday morning. My husband and I will hit the grocery store to stock up on our favorite snacks and all the comfort foods we love but don’t indulge in very often. On the way home, we’ll pick up a pizza for dinner. Then we’ll come home, put on our pajamas, and settle into the couch.

We’ll watch TV and silly movies. We’ll read books. We’ll take naps and snuggle with our dog. We’ll eat what we want when we feel like it, and on either Saturday or Sunday night, we’ll have brownies for dinner. For 60ish glorious hours, we won’t interact with anyone but each other, and we’ll pretend that the outside world has ceased to exist. 

There will be no work emails. No “I just need to log on and check this one thing” moments. No errands, no chores, no “shoulds.” 

This is the 11th year we’ll have done this, and it only gets better. Whaddya say, wanna go off the grid with me?

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